29,81 KM
561 M D+
Elevation gain
Office Royal du Tourisme

Place Théo Lannoy
Han-sur-Lesse 5580  

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Starting from the village of Han-sur-Lesse, you take a footpath along the base of the limestone slope and, as you approach Fond Saint-Martin, you climb towards the nature reserve and its panoramic view! The route continues towards the village of Éprave, famous among other things for its cave and its bubbling spring. You then continue towards Auffe with its more undulating landscapes and finally towards the authentic villages of Resteigne and Belvaux. This is a very varied route, alternating between gentle slopes, deciduous woods, chalk grasslands and pine forests. This long route is ideal for experienced trail runners with very good endurance. Certain stretches are technically demanding and slippery. 

Offroad : 70 %


Technically demanding path to the cave of Éprave

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