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About Trail en Famenne

There are 24 waymarked circuits dedicated to the trail! They include four levels of difficulty, 5, 10, 20 and 40 km, with an accumulated elevation gain ranging from 100 m to 1,000 m D+. Coloured waymarks refer to the degree of difficulty, using the same system as for skiing, with green, blue, red and black trails. This is the ideal place to practise trail running. You can cross the Famenne region and part of the Ardennes as you wish, enjoying a wide variety of landscapes.

Nature is all around in our six communes. The region has some remarkable natural tourist attractions and abounds in regional products and local beers. The Famenne region also boasts wellness facilities which may be private or are often to be found in tourist accommodation.

Everything you need to experience a fabulous stay combining sport, nature and leisure activities! Just imagine spending time on the trails with family or friends…

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Publié le 22.09.2021

Hunt 2021

his schedule gives you an overview of the trails that may not be accessible because part of the area will be used by hunters.

WARNING: make sure to check the signs posted around the estate before setting out!

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Publié le 07.12.2020

Chasse Automne 2020

Ce calendrier vous permet d'avoir un aperçu des trails qui ne sont potentiellement pas accessibles, car une chasse a été programmée sur une partie de la zone.

ATTENTION, veuillez bien vous référer à l’affichage sur le terrain !

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