35,15 KM
913 M D+
Elevation gain
Syndicat d'initiative de Durbuy

Place aux Foires, 25
Durbuy 6940  

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Towards the village of Wârre and the hamlet of Herbet. Take a slight detour through the Palogne Estate and then head towards Ozo, Bomal and Barvaux-sur-Ourthe before returning to Durbuy as you enjoy the panoramic view from its Anticline.

Offroad : 70 %


Careful: dangerous passage on the Descente du Calvaire mountain biking trail!!! Past Herbet, above Bomal, beyond the religious monument, there is a downhill track that brings you to stairs with the wooden steps missing; only the supporting metal bars remain.
Slippery spot! The Municipality will carry out the necessary work to make this area safe again as soon as possible.

Technically demanding paths along the limestone grasslands of Vieuxville and Mont-des-Pins.

Durbuy black trail in pictures