How do you become a ‘Trail Runners Welcome’ establishment?

Gîte, guest room, hotel, camp site, restaurant, local bistro, pub, tourist attraction or tourist body.


  • If you would like to offer trail runners a really personalised welcome
  • your establishment is located in the Pays de Famenne region: Durbuy, Hotton, Marche-en-Famenne, Nassogne, Rochefort, Somme-Leuze
  • you would like to proclaim the fact

You can contact us by e-mail ( or by telephone (084/222.583) We will be happy to highlight your establishment on our website

Voici le formulaire d'inscription à nous retourner compléter.


Here are three elements that appeal to trail runners


  • Having information about trails in the region
    • We can provide you with flyers, 'Trail en Famenne' maps and 'guestbook/satisfaction survey' cards.
  • If you can offer them a local beer, that's a plus.
  • If you have wellness facilities (sauna or jacuzzi or hammam, or a swimming pool), even better.

Autocollant "Bienvenue Trailers"

 Voici l'autocollant apposé sur les vitrines, façades ou portes d'entrée des établissements "Bienvenue Trailers".